Fairer Homeowners Insurance from HQT

Having a roof over your head means insuring it for leaks, and a home can throw up many other costly problems. The trouble with homeowner policies can be that they’re so complicated, it’s hard to know whether you’re home and dry, or being led you up the garden path.

HQT Insurance agency navigate the pitfalls of making sure your home is well covered – no matter what the world throws at it. We trawl through dozens of the best homeowners insurance carriers to make sure you get a fair deal, because we know that not all insurers are on the same level. With quality of cover varying so much, and your home being valuable, mistakes can be expensive. Homes may have structural features which need special coverage and if your house is worth pots of cash, it’s likely you’re going to require a policy to suit.

We have expert agents for the homeowners insurance industry, and we know how to get you protected. Often, homeowners don’t know they need additional coverage for wind and hurricane damage, floods, and other natural events. We take some of the uncertainty out of the weather and put some peace of mind back into owning a home. Rest easy when you’re not out working – let HQT help you with finding the right cover.

Homeowners Insurance explained

The best way to get the right homeowners cover is to try to understand what it is. It’s an area of property insurance which deals with losses and damage to your house, but also with the things you keep inside it. It also covers liability against accidents in your home, or anywhere on your property.

Policies vary widely and standard versions don’t cover many things. The structural fabric of your home is likely to be covered, but maintenance issues probably won’t be. In addition to that, even though a standard policy will protect against damage by fire, it’s very likely you won’t be covered for natural disasters, such as an earthquake – and depending on where you live, you may have a real need to be covered for natural events.

Home Owners Insurance Options

The insurance you need, when you need it most




Homeowners Insurance – the difference

Homeowners insurance, unlike car insurance, isn’t compulsory – although it’s just as vital to have it. Most lenders will make it a condition that you have appropriate insurance, and there’s no getting away from the fact that a home is probably the most valuable asset you’ll own, and biggest investment you’ll ever make. Making sure it’s properly protected is important – and ensuring you cover all possibilities is advisable.

Don’t forget, a decent level of homeowners insurance should cover against:

· Damage to your House

· Damage to additional structures on your property

· Damage to your personal property

· Harm to you and your family

· Harm to your guests

· Out of pocket expenses caused by claim events

What is more, insurance policies come with limits. The level of cover needs to be adequate to suit your own home. When considering homeowners insurance, you need to think about the potential cost of rebuilding it, and what your possessions are worth, and then tailor the policy to suit those factors.