Flood Cover

Standard homeowner policies do not cover everything, and natural events or disasters will require a strong policy. Flooding from a storm-surge, sinkhole, or even strong winds can see you seriously out of pocket, or even worse, out on the streets.

HQT Insurance Agency will make sure you’re not out in the cold when it comes to the all too common problems associated with flood.

Flood Cover

Even though many towns and coastal areas are seriously at risk of flood problems, most homeowners insurance options don’t protect you.

Sinkhole Cover

States which experience flooding, and also feature salt and gypsum rock see much sinkhole problems.

Enhanced Flood Cover

Some providers will even cover necessary modifications for high-value properties in at-risk areas.

Building and/or Content Cover

This insures against damage or loss of costly elements which are part of your home. Electrical wiring, pipes and plumbing, and built-in components such as appliances and furniture