Condominium Coverage by HQT

If you own a condominium, you have specialist insurance needs, stretching to two policy types.

Condominiums can be particularly tricky to tailor policies for, and HQT are experts at doing just that.

HQT Insurance Agency knows exactly how to minimize the expenses associated with owning a condo. You may be able to save if you:

· Have a master policy from the condo association or board – you’re generally only liable to insure the original structures.

· Own a unit already insured by the condo association or board – What the association already covers will define your responsibility. Sometimes, associations only cover foundation structural elements and you’ll still need to take care of plumbing and wiring, insure for alterations, and could be liable for even more than that!

· Have your own insurance policy for a condominium or co-op – you can include your personal assets, structural improvements, liability cover, and even disaster and theft.

· Need additional coverage for your condominium or co-op – HQT Insurance Agency can quickly determine if you need cover for:

· Unit assessment to reimburse charges for your share of an assessment (like a hallway or elevator)

· Septic system issues

· Umbrella liability for additional cover to basics

· Flood or earthquake protection

· Personal Articles Floater coverage, for more expensive items