Auto Insurance from HQT

All drivers need Auto Insurance, but it can be a real headache taking time out to find the best policy. A lot of us end up so busy that we make do with sub-standard coverage – and high prices. HQT Insurance Agency is here to fix that. We find you the best available coverage for your needs by doing all the time-consuming shopping around. We’ll get you the fairest possible price too, because we search over 30 top-rated insurance carriers. When you need a cost-effective, comprehensive Auto Insurance policy but your busy life makes finding one a hassle, HQT Insurance Agency are here to help.

No matter if you’re searching for comprehensive, liability or collision coverage, HQT Insurance Agency can find you the right policy and the best deal. We’re also experts at finding the top providers if you need optional policies.

Need gap insurance? We can help with that. Or let us find you roadside assistance, or that all-important rental car coverage when you’re traveling. HQT make the best Auto Insurance easy.

Look no further than HQT Insurance Agency for auto insurance. We’re the specialists, and our established relationships with trusted partners within the industry mean we find our customers the best policies at the right prices – every single time.

Insurance rates for individuals vary, based on several factors. The HQT difference is we have the expertise and connections to analyze your details and match them to your ideal policy.

  • Your driving record – This is a major factor in deciding your final price, but you’re not out of luck if you’ve had problems or violations. Even if you’ve been involved in accidents, HQT can find you a policy.
  • Your address – Insurance carriers deal with more claims in geographical locations which have more concentrated populations.
  • Your birth date and gender – Statistically, guys take more risks and get in more accidents. How old you are is also a consideration for insurers.
  • Being married or single – People who are married file less insurance claims.
  • Your past insurance record – Carriers look to your past record to make sure you’re a suitable customer.
  • How much you drive your vehicle – It’s important to accurately portray your vehicle usage. The more you drive, the more cover you’ll need.
  • Make, type and model of your vehicle – The more powerful or fast your car is, the more it will cost to provide you with adequate cover. If you drive a sports model, this will affect the total premium you’ll pay.

HQT Insurance Agency finds you the best policy, no matter your past record, the type of vehicle you drive, or how often you drive it. Our service and our agents will save you time and keep you on the road, with the most affordable and suitable Auto Insurance options for your needs